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Deluxe printing of our labels happens because of our state of the art flexographic printers and software that allows for outstanding quality.

Shrink Labels: PVC, OPS, PET G

These labels can be designed to cover most of the bottle surface and  because of their high percentage of shrinkage they are able to take the shape – even capricious shapes - of the bottle.

The films used for shrinkable labels are very brilliant and strong. Very fine printing can be obtained with them.
In addition to the above mentioned materials we offer ecological polyolefin labels for beverage containers, foods, chemicals, cleaning supplies, pharmaceuticals, dairy, etc. Because of the low density of the labels (less than 1.0) they can be easily separated from the grounded bottle by flotation

Stretch Sleeves

  • These labels are made of low density polyethylene that is nature friendly and are attached to the bottles or containers by their elasticity without the use of adhesives. They are used mostly for over two liter containers.
  • When used for containers of household products they are printed with chlorine-resistant colors and covered with a layer of varnish that at the same time protects the printing from scratch, rubbing and  the effects of contact with ice.  

BOPP Roll Fed Labels

BOPP labels are ideal for use on PET bottles : The attractive high quality label printing allows differentiation at the point of sale and are preferred by the bottlers because of the high quality printing, mechanical properties that allow high speed labeling, low cost and easy recycling.