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Technology and innovation in flexible packaging

The Company

We are an industry that works on the image of our products

Excel Nobleza is a Company with over thirty years of activity, dedicated in offering innovating solutions in flexible packaging, our objective is to make our customers products stand out in the market and to satisfy all the needs of the final customers, thanks to our talented and trained staff and a constant incorporation of the latest recognized worldwide technologies.

Our Objective

 We want to be a first class leader in Mexico recognized nationally for being a provider in flexible packaging.




Since the beginning, for Excel Nobleza it has been a basic to have the highest tecnology in all its areas, this way, the film extrusion is one of the most important.

We now have a three and a five coated coextrusion. We will soon be adding a coextrusion equipment for films with a high barrier of seven coats, openning the doors into new markets with new structures and formulations.


Pre-prense is a very important factor for the production process, that’s why, Excel Nobleza assures to have the best and the most advanced tools worldwide, we got EQUINOX software with high definition of CTP and a ESKO flat point, achieving the most demanding details in the printers.


The final print is the part that gives a great value to the flexibke packaging, this is the factor that makes the consumer feel attracted, indentified, informed, and convinced to acquire the product. This is why Excel Nobleza offers solutions to the client with and excellent 10 color printing quality, achieving High Definition (HD) images, a better coverage of solids, fine text and an absolute security; acheiving this with our highly recognized worldwide machinery such as Windmoller, Schiavi and Uteco among others.


In regulation with the quality used in processes and according to the clients specifications, we use laminating machines without solvent, solvent or extrusion.

Once chosen the correct process, we offer a structure that guaranties a controlled light protection, barriers against oxygen, water vapor, CO2, and other gases and fragrances, etc.